What is the Loyalty Rewards program?

Loyalty Rewards is Young Living’s perks program. Sign up today and unlock the exclusive 24 percent discount and receive your monthly loyalty order while earning free gifts and reward points to spend on future product purchases.

How do I qualify for Loyalty Rewards?

If you have at least one item set to process each month on your loyalty order, regardless of PV (point value) amount, you’ll unlock a 24 percent discount on your loyalty order, as well as on any future one-time orders!

What flexibility do I have with my Loyalty Rewards orders?

Opting into Loyalty Rewards gives you the flexibility to:


Every month you place a loyalty order of 50PV or more, you earn loyalty points to redeem for product purchases. You’ll also earn a free loyalty gift after your first 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of consecutive orders, plus an additional gift every 12 consecutive months thereafter.

Earn a 24 percent discount on all loyalty orders and one-time purchases you place.

Explore Products

Individually add or remove items in your loyalty order at any time or switch them out to try new products.

Save for Later

Place items in your Save for Later section to easily swap out items from month to month.


Easily manage your loyalty order at any time! You can swap products, change quantities, cancel, or change your process date.

How Does This Work?

For all loyalty orders that are 50+ PV (point value), you earn loyalty reward points that can be redeemed for product purchases.  Plus, as your number of consecutive months with a 50+ PV loyalty order increases, so does the number of loyalty points you earn.


Setup Order

Set up a monthly loyalty order of 50 PV or more.


Earn Points

Earn loyalty points with each monthly loyalty order.


Redeem Rewards

Redeem loyalty points on future product purchases..


Look for products with a blue flag next to the price to identify which products can be purchased with loyalty points!

The longer you place 50+ PV loyalty orders, the more points you earn!

1-3 Consecutive Months


of your PV order back in loyalty points.
4-24 Consecutive Months


of your PV order back in loyalty points.
25+ Consecutive Months


of your PV order back in loyalty points.

 Earn Loyalty Gifts

You can earn free products every three months for the first year when you place a loyalty order of 50+ PV every month.

Loyalty Rewards FAQ


Q: How do I enroll in the Loyalty Rewards program?

A: Step 1: Add products to your cart using the Add to Cart button on the product pages.

Step 2: During checkout, you’ll see an option that says, “Would you like to make this your first loyalty order?” Select “Yes” and all items in your cart will process today for loyalty points, and any Loyalty Rewards-eligible items will appear in your My Loyalty Order tab once your order processes. There is no minimum PV required, but at least one item that is eligible for Loyalty Rewards must be in your cart in order to enroll.

Step 3: Manage your items in your My Loyalty Order tab for next month by adding, deleting, or moving items into Save for Later before your next process date.

Q. How do I earn loyalty points and gifts with Young Living’s Loyalty Rewards program?

A. You must place a loyalty order of at least 50 PV (point value) each month to earn loyalty points and gifts. To add an item to your loyalty order, select Add to Loyalty Order on the product page.

Alternatively, you can click on My Loyalty Order in your account manager and select items to add to your loyalty order from there.

Q. Do I have to place a 50 PV loyalty order each month to get the 24 percent discount?

A. Nope! As long as you have one item on your loyalty order, regardless of PV amount, you will save 24 percent on all Shop orders and loyalty orders.

Q: Do I have to have Loyalty Rewards-eligible items in my cart to enroll in the program?

A: Yes. You must have at least one LR-eligible item in your cart (no minimum PV required) in order to enroll in the program and make this your first loyalty order. Q. Can I switch and/or delete my loyalty order items and still earn loyalty points and gifts?

A. Yes, you can change your items at any time and continue earning loyalty points and gifts as long as the total loyalty order value is at least 50 PV. If your loyalty order is under 50 PV, you will still unlock the 24 percent discount on all orders, but you won’t earn loyalty points or gifts.


Q. How do I earn the 24 percent discount via Loyalty Rewards?

A. You can unlock the 24 percent discount on all orders by simply placing a loyalty order of any PV (point value).

Q. How long do I earn the discount for?

A. You’ll continue to receive the 24 percent discount as long as you have an active loyalty order processing every month.

Q. What if I have previously unlocked the 24 percent discount with Young Living?

A. If you have previously unlocked the 24 percent discount via a 100+ PV order, you will retain that discount for 12 months from the date of your last order of 100+ PV. At that point, you will either need to have an active loyalty order or spend another 100+ PV in a single order to continue earning the discount.


Q. How do I earn loyalty gifts through the Loyalty Rewards program?

A. You earn free loyalty gifts by placing consecutive loyalty orders of 50+ PV. For the first year, you'll earn a loyalty gift at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months—and then every 12 months after year one.

Q. Do I have to place consecutive loyalty orders to earn the loyalty gifts?

A. Yes. In order to earn the free loyalty gifts, you must place a loyalty order of at least 50 PV every month as the gifts are rewards for reaching 3, 6, 9, and 12 consecutive months on the program.

Q. How will I receive my loyalty gift?

A. Your loyalty gift will be automatically added to your next loyalty order the month after you hit a new milestone: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months with the program.

Q. Is gift with purchase (GWP) different from Loyalty Rewards?

A. Yes. Gift with purchase changes each month and is available only for that specific month. Often, the GWP will include extra benefits if you place a qualifying loyalty order.

Q. How do I qualify for the free Desert Mist™ Diffuser?

A. You qualify for the free Desert Mist Diffuser, retailed at $39.41, by successfully placing a second loyalty order of at least 50 PV.

Q. Does my second loyalty order have to be consecutive to earn the free diffuser?

A. No, your loyalty orders do not have to be made consecutively. You can earn the free diffuser with a second 50+ PV loyalty order made at any time.

Q. Does my diffuser arrive with my second order?

A. Yes, we will add the free diffuser to the other items in your second loyalty order, so they will all arrive in the same shipment.


Q. How many points do I earn for my qualifying loyalty order?

A. You will receive loyalty points based on a percentage of PV (point value) for each loyalty order that is 50+ PV. The percentage you receive depends on how many consecutive months you have a loyalty order of 50+ PV. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn in a month.

Months 1–3: 10 percent of PV back in loyalty points

Months 4–24: 20 percent of PV back in loyalty points

Months 25+: 25 percent of PV back in loyalty points

Q. Is there a minimum PV for my monthly loyalty order?

A. There is no minimum PV to unlock the 24 percent discount, but your monthly loyalty order in the U.S. must be at least 50 PV to earn loyalty points and gifts.

Q. Is there a grace month?

A. Yes. You have one grace month every 12 months. Using a grace month will not disrupt your earning percentage or your loyalty points already earned. However, if you skip two or more months, your loyalty points remain intact, but your earning percentage will drop back to 10 percent, and you will start over with your consecutive month count.

Q. What if I missed an out-of-stock email and my loyalty order dropped below 50 PV because of the item that was out of stock?

A. If this happens, you can call Member Services at 800.371.3515 and place an additional order over the phone to earn your loyalty points for the month. To prevent your order from dropping below your target PV in the future, we recommend using PV Assistant. With PV Assistant, you can create a monthly PV goal, as well as a wish list of your favorite Young Living products. If your next loyalty order ever falls below your customizable PV goal, the PV Assistant will automatically add an item from your wish list, so you always meet your goal. To start using PV Assistant, follow these steps:

Log in to your Young Living account.

Hover over My Account.

Select My Loyalty Order from the dropdown menu.

Click on the PV Assistant tab.

From here, you can toggle PV Assistant on and off, see your PV total, and change your PV goal.

Click Add Products to choose new items to add to your backup list or click and drag to move an item to a different spot on your list. Please note that items at the top of your list will be pulled first.

Q. What happens if I have three consecutive months of failed payments for my loyalty order?

A. If you do not update your payment information and have three consecutive failed payments, you will receive an email letting you know that we are deleting all remaining items from your loyalty order template. You can still add items to your loyalty order at any time after that, but you will need to update your payment information to allow for successful processing.


Q. Where can I see my Loyalty Rewards information, such as points earned, points expiring soon, etc.?

A. You can view all of your Loyalty Rewards information by hovering over My Account (located at the top right of Young Living’s home page when you’re logged in) and selecting My Rewards from the dropdown menu.

Q. How do I redeem my loyalty points?

A. You can redeem your points at checkout by selecting Apply Points.

Q. When can I redeem loyalty points earned on my loyalty order that processed this month?

A. Loyalty points can be redeemed once your order ships. You must have consecutive loyalty orders to redeem these points.

Q. How many points can I redeem each month?

A. You can redeem up to 375 points each month.

Q. What if I don’t have enough loyalty points to purchase the products I want?

A. You can redeem points on products only when you have enough points to cover the total PV (point value) of the products you want.

Q. If I CANCEL my loyalty order and don’t place a new one, do I lose my points?

A. Yes. If you don’t have an active loyalty order set to process, you will forfeit all unused loyalty points. However, you’re welcome to use your grace month to skip a single loyalty order every 12 months without penalty.

Q. Do I retain points earned for returned products?

A. No. You forfeit any points earned on loyalty order products that you later return.

Q. When redeeming loyalty points, do I go by the dollar amount or the PV amount in the price list?

A. When redeeming points, use the PV amount rather than the dollar value. For example, if you have 50 points, you can redeem them for any product with a PV value up to 50. Loyalty points can be redeemed only for products with full PV values. Not all products are eligible, and items purchased with loyalty points are not returnable. Locate the blue flags on product pages to identify qualifying products.

Q. Can I use my points for promotional products such as discounted items?

A. No. If you use points to purchase a promotional item, you will not receive discounted pricing. Please note that some promotional items will not be available for purchase with points at all.

Q. Do my loyalty points expire?

A. Yes. Unused points expire on a 12-month rolling basis, meaning they expire 12 months from when they were earned.

Q. Can I redeem loyalty points outside my market? And if so, how?

A. Yes, you can! Please note the following rules for redeeming loyalty points outside your home market:

To redeem points in a market that is not your home market, you must be present in the market, and you may not redeem points on behalf of another member.

The market you are visiting may limit quantities or restrict products that you can redeem points for.

You will be allowed to place only two orders per month with points and can redeem a limit of 125 points total per month in any market other than your home market. If you redeem 125 points on your first order, a second order will not be allowed.

You can redeem points for the Premier Aroma™ Collection only once per the life of your account, and this collection can be purchased with points only in your home market.