Unlock a 24% Discount on Quality Products

There are 2 ways to unlock the 24% product discount.

Loyalty Rewards

Through the Loyalty Rewards Program

You can unlock the 24 percent discount on all orders by simply placing a loyalty order of any PV (point value).

  • You’ll continue to receive the 24 percent discount as long as you have an active loyalty order processing every month

PV Volume

Place an order for 100 PV or more

Unlock a 24% discount with any purchase of 100PV or more.

  • If you have previously unlocked the 24 percent discount via a 100+ PV order, you will retain that discount for 12 months from the date of your last order of 100+ PV.  At that point, you will either need to have an active loyalty order or spend another 100+ PV in a single order to continue earning the discount.

A great option is to order from the available starter bundles that qualify for the 100pv.  You will get up to a 40% bundle discount and qualify for 12 months of 24% discount