Detox Your Home with Thieves Household Cleaner

If you want to start using plant-based products, but are not sure where to start, start with the Thieves Household Cleaner! It is versatile, effective, affordable, and you can clean your ENTIRE house with it!

Thieves Household Cleaner uses naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and essential oils like Lemon and Thieves to give you a safer way to clean your home.

This all-purpose cleaner can clean just about anything and will be your go-to cleaner of choice. Use it on your counter tops, floors, furniture, windows, walls, in your oven, around toilet, and on almost any surface that needs cleaning! Wherever you use it, you’ll feel good knowing it’s safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets! Best of all, it is formulated without the harsh or dangerous chemicals found in many traditional clean products; it is made with a vegan-friendly, plant-based formula.

We love that this product is so versatile. You can literally clean everything with one product! In the comments, share with us your favorite before and after photos using Thieves Household Cleaner.


This post first appeared in the Young Living Training and Education Group