Forging a Lifestyle

Have You Begun Your Wellness Journey?

Embracing a wellness-focused lifestyle means not just living longer, but living better – with increased energy, improved mental clarity, and heightened emotional resilience.  Wellness is not merely the absence of illness or disease, but also the presence of positive health and vitality.  It is about living a healthy and balanced life, making informed choices, and taking responsibility for one’s own health and well-being.  It involves continuous efforts to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

We are exposed to harsh chemicals every day

Harsh chemicals and ingredients are present in many of the products you use on a daily basis, such as your cleaning and personal care products.  The dangers of these chemicals pose a significant risk to your health and cannot be ignored.  One of the best ways to make your home a safer, natural haven is to be aware of what ingredients to avoid in your personal care and cleaning products and understand the potential health risks involved in their use.

Get Safe, Natural Products for Your Health

With Young Living natural products, you’re on a path to a different type of lifestyle – one that promotes good health and wellness with the potential to earn free products.

The Power of One.

Every day counts.  Every day matters.  Every step in the right direction counts.  The impact of the toxins surrounding you and your family might not be immediate, but everyday matters.  Your body works hard to eliminate toxins, but is the load increasing too much, or too quickly?

You have the power to reduce the toxic load in your home, one step at a time, by replacing harmful products as you are able.  Replacing everything immediately might be best, but if this is not feasible, one step at a time.

Commit to a toxin-free lifestyle to promote your overall health. Use Young Living’s plant-based, chemical-free products to help sustain a healthy home for you and your family.

You can rest assured that you are getting the best quality products through Young Living and their Seed to Seal commitment to excellence.

What is holding you back?

Committing to healthier lifestyle choices can positively transform many aspects of your life.  You are investing in yourself and your family, setting the foundation for an empowering, healthier future.

If you are hesitating about moving forward – ask yourself why.
Are you concerned about the cost and impact to your budget?
  • Whatever, or wherever you purchase, be assured that you will be spending money for cleaning and personal care products.  If you clean around your home, do laundry, wash dishes, wash your hands, shampoo your hair, or brush your teeth – you will be spending your money for these products.
  • Purchasing products from Young Living doesn’t mean additional spending.  Going in a healthier direction just means that you will be re-directing your spending to safer, healthier products.
  • Always check the ingredients of the products you purchase in the stores.  Do not be fooled.  Don’t continue to purchase toxic products that will continue to impact your health, even if they are cheaper or the labels imply that they are “green” or natural.
  • Your health is an investment, not an expense.  From the food you eat and drink to the products you put in or on your body, ultimately, there is a price to pay.  Invest in yourself – your health and wellness is worth it.
  • There is an old saying that “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.”  Your health and wellness reflect your lifestyle choices.   It generally costs more to fix health issues later than it is to work at preventing them.
  • Money is often limited in the average family.  Budgets can be tight and some important things can be overlooked as a result.  You might be pondering – is the money being spent essential to you and your family’s needs?  Given the choice, most people would categorize their health and physical capabilities as essential and important to their goals and overall happiness.
  • Are you task oriented and feel the need for the quick fix?  Don’t fall into the trap that everything needs to be replaced at once.  That would be wonderful, but if you, like many others, find that you cannot afford it – don’t give up and walk away due to money.  More important than a quick fix is to transform your lifestyle, whether all at once, or one step at a time.  The imortant concept here is to change direction and move forward with better, healthier options for longer-term gains.
  • Young Living has incentive programs where the customer can earn discounts and free products.   Through some planning, you can earn 24% discount on your regular purchasing, and earn free products each month through their Rewards program.  In addition, Young Living has a unique program where they send you free products each month based on your ordering volume.




Every company says that their products are good, or among the best. Why should I believe claims from Young Living?

Young Living is unique among the essential oil & natural-care products companies.  They adhere to a “Seed to Seal Commitment to Quality“.  What does this mean?  It means that the company controls the entire process from beginning to end.  They strictly maintain the three pillars of Seed-to-Seal; Sourcing, Science & Standards to ensure that you get products of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Seed-to-Seal pillars

Sourcing   Young Living manages and strictly regulates the sources for their products.  They source products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms that share Young Living values, and Seed-to-Seal verified suppliers who can meet extremely high standards for quality.

Science   Young Living has developed infrastructure for developing, testing and inspecting source material, as well as final products.  As mavericks of the modern-day essential oils movement, they have revolutionized the world of essential oils, investing countless hours and resources in product development, research, and testing.

Standards   By setting the bar high, you can rest assured that every product sold by Young Living has gone through a rigorous process of inspection.  If the final product does not measure up to Young Living standards, the final product is not sold – period.  The gatekeepers for final release take this responsibility seriously as it impacts the credibility of the company.  Young Living products are built on decades of industry-leading research and data.  But here’s the best part: You can see the results for yourself.   




Ordering on-line seems like a hassle. I can get what I need at my local store - and I get them sooner.

Granted, you may be able to purchase products for you, your home, and your family at the local store – but they won’t be  Young Living, and you won’t have the confidence and assurance that Young Living products provide.  Always check the ingredients of the products you purchase and weigh them against the safer, non-toxic ingredients of Young Living.  Are they worth the potential impact to your health?

Easier is not always better.  Just because you can walk down the store aisle and put products in your cart doesn’t mean that what you are purchasing is good.  Stopping by for “fast food” is easier, but you generally understand that it doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle.  Shopping can be easier if you don’t inspect your purchases.  It does take time and effort to look at the ingredients and discern the quality, or potential impact of those products on your health.

Ordering online is fairly straightforward and a way of life these days.  It does require some planning on your part to allow for a ship window.  But, ordering Young Living products online is simple and the products are delivered to your door.



I don't want any obligations or commitment. I don't need the hassle.

Fear of commitment runs deep these days.  So many companies are out there, offering so many opportunities to the consumer.  How does one manage all the commitments to monthly subscriptions, automatic order processing, and automatic billing to your credit cards.   Sometimes it it can seem overwhelming and too much of a hassle.   It is much simpler to purchase items at your local store.    But, those products will not be Young Living.  Oftentimes, the benefits justify the effort.

Purchasing from Young Living is not complicated.  There is no commitment or membership if you desire simplicity.  Purchasing retail is as simple as it can be – just order these safe, natural products and they will be delivered to your door – no further obligations or expectations.

Even if you opt-in for the discounts, Rewards, or free products programs, there is never an ongoing obligation.  They are incentive programs designed to encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  As optional incentives, it is up to you whether to participate or not.   You can always order products without restrictions or memberships.

For many, the best things in life are achieved through commitment.   Whether you are planning your retirement, saving for your kid’s college fund, or considering the purchase of a home or auto, you must commit to achieving positive results.  Most people are not able to achieve their goals in one step, it takes many steps in the journey to realize the ultimate goal.   Your health and wellness is the most crucial investment you will make.  Without your health and wellness, nothing else truly matters – it is a blessing of great significance.   These goals are not always easy, they are achieved through commitment – one step at a time.  Do turn away because you fear “another commitment”.




I feel pretty good actually, and I am not sure why I need these products

Right now, you might be feeling OK, or even good.  That is wonderful.  Would you like to continue to feel that way?   Our health and wellness are based on many factors, some of which you might currently benefit from – good genes, good food, clean water, and being physically fit.   Beyond the genes, you made choices and commitments to a healthy lifestyle.   BUT, there are some factors that you might not realize exist, factors that are slowly chipping away at your good health.  Toxins in the products we use on our bodies, or even put into our bodies.  These toxins are often hidden from us, or disguised as ambiguous ingredients.   They are slowly having an impact – subtly, but impacting us nonetheless.   The erosion these toxins have on your body conflicts with the other steps you are taking to develop or maintain your health.

When you consider smokers, they did not develop health issues immediately, but slowly and surely their health was impacted.  People who developed weight issues most often did not experience the gains overnight.  There are many fitness die-hards out there who look fit, but this wasn’t achieved in a few days – it took commitment to a specific direction and lifestyle goal.   Health and wellness issues, both good and bad, develop over time.  The time to address them is today – not tomorrow, next week, or after the holidays.  Make the decision now – the direction and plan will develop.  Our lifestyle choices most often dictate the long-term outcome for our health.

There are those fortunate ones who might never experience toxin-related health issues, but are you feeling lucky, or safe with the risks to your health based on the decisions you are making now?  The odds are fairly good that the toxins will catch up with you and your health

Is it worth the risk, or is it worth making a decision today?



I don't know the company or their products. It all sounds like a good idea, but I am not really sure how to proceed.

Understand that most people do not know how or where to begin.  When you are new to a company and its products, there is uncertainty and hesitancy to spend your money or commit to a direction.   Very normal, but do not give up on making sound decisions for your wellness and taking positive steps to support that decision.

We created this website to help make people aware and become educated about the risks of so many products in the marketplace.  Our mission is to help people discover safer, healthier alternatives for their health and wellness.

We strongly believe in Young Living products and their overall effectiveness.  To help you, we created “roadmaps” to help you find and pick the direction for you and your family based on needs, situations, and objectives.  We bring together information on Young Living products to help you best understand their function and how to use them, ultimately helping you to determine which products will address and support your wellness program.

We offer personal support when the information is not there, or if you need some additional help or clarification.   Please feel free to contact us – it is free – it is our mission.  We would love to come alongside you to get you started or guide you through the process.  It is worth the time and effort!





Are You Ready to Move Forward?

There are Different Paths & Options for Your Journey

Overall wellness & good health should not wait – take your first step today.  Everyone’s path is different and can be adjusted at any time.



Replace products as you are able at the retail prices without obligations or financial commitment.



Replace products as you are able

Receive 24% Discount

Earn discount through monthly  subscriptions



Replace products as you are able

Receive 24% Discount

Earn discount through monthly subscriptions or order volume

Earn reward points

Earn reward points from your orders

Receive free products each month

Earn monthly free gifts based on your order volume

Regardless of where you are in your wellness journey, discover the exclusive opportunities provided by Young Living for incentives to earn free products and save money

Get Started with a Roadmap

We all need a plan.  Are you new or looking for a place to begin?   Consider using one of the personalized roadmaps below.  These roadmaps are shortcuts designed to simplify the ordering process and provide a path to help you move forward.  The wish lists generated will enable you to quickly add the recommended products to your cart before checkout without searching through hundreds of items.

You do not need every product on the wish list to begin.  Start with what you can afford and add to your wellness toolkit as you proceed on your journey.
non-toxic home

Safe, Clean Workplaces

Safe, effective cleaning where you work

Oil-Infused Supplements

Supplements with essential oils to enhance absorbtion

Diffusing & Aromatherapy

More than making your home smell good
non-toxic home


Babies deserve the best – give them safe & natural  


Nourish your kid’s mind, body & spirit for overall wellness

Pets & Animals

Let’s face it – your furry friends are family

Weight Management

Managing weight can be an on-going challenge

Get Support for the Journey

Even though the direction is fairly straightforward, everyone has questions or encounters issues along the way.  We have resources to help you as needed.   Do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to come alongside to help and encourage you.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”

Izaak Walton

We Are:

People-Driven &


Our goal is to help people develop their personalized wellness journey.  Everyone on our team has been using Young Living products for years and will testify to the impact these products have had on their journey.  As a service-oriented team, we would like to share our experiences and insights.

To help you get started with Young Living products, please use the links below if you have already been in contact with a member of our team.  Otherwise, get started here  →  → 

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