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7 ways Marjoram can bring joy to your life!

7 Ways Marjoram Can Bring Joy to Your Life!

Looking to spice up your oil collection? Meet Marjoram essential oil, an herbaceous, balsamic-scented little number that packs a punch in “can’t get enough” diffuser blends and relaxing massages, as well as in rave-worthy recipes when you use Marjoram Vitality™.

The Romans and Greeks said it best, describing marjoram as the “herb of happiness” and “joy of the mountains.” Discover seven ways Marjoram essential oil can bring joy and happiness into your life!

Marjoram essential oil

It’s a family affair

Marjoram belongs to the mint family, and the oil is steam distilled from the leaves of Origanum majorana. Its siblings are Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Sage, and Oregano.

YL tip: Oregano oil is Marjoram’s paternal twin! The oils have similar aromas. So if you’re asking, What does Marjoram smell like? Test out Oregano’s scent!

Enhance your massage

Did you know that Marjoram is a star component in the Raindrop Technique®? This maximum relaxation approach combines a targeted massage with a range of essential oils, including Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, and Thyme for a harmonizing, rejuvenating, and calming experience.

Get your glow on

Glow is the way to go! But is Marjoram good for the skin? That’s an easy yes. Add extra moisture to your skin care routine with Marjoram!

  • Add a drop to your favorite moisturizer to help improve the appearance of dry skin.
  • Combine a drop of Elemi and Marjoram with 5 drops of jojoba oil and apply to your clean face with a cotton ball.
  • Add 2 drops to your foot cream before bed, put on thick socks, and wake up to softer feet for a no-show type of glow!


marjoram vitality essential oil

Finesse with flavor

From meats and vegetables to delectable dips, Marjoram Vitality adds a complex flavor to your favorite dishes. Infuse any of these savory delights with Marjoram Vitality:

YL tip: Use 1 drop of Marjoram for every tablespoon the recipe calls for. If the recipe calls for less than a tablespoon, dip a toothpick in the oil and swirl it through your liquid ingredients for a hint of flavor.

  • Add a drop of Marjoram Vitality to homemade Greek or Italian dressings.
  • Flavor a small bottle of olive oil with a drop or two for extra flavor in your cooking bases or dips.
  • Rev up your green smoothies with Marjoram Vitality for immune support.*
  • Add to meat and vegetable marinades for elevated flavoring.

Spritz a sweet scent on linens

Create a cozy linen spray that makes going to bed extra dreamy! Spritz it up with this simple DIY linen spray:

Breathe, just breathe

  • Whether you’re trying to keep up with your children or doing cardio—same thing—take a moment to catch a refreshing breath.
  • Mix Marjoram with Eucalyptus Blue and a carrier oil of your choosing, then rub onto your chest for an invigorating scent. Remember to breathe deeply.
  • Place a few drops on a cold, wet towel to cool off after workout sessions.

Blend with the best of them

Marjoram’s herbaceous scent shares the spotlight when combined with other oil favorites. Spread a joyful scent thorough your home when you blend this oil with Ylang YlangTangerine, and Cypress


sunshine in the air diffuser blend


Once you add Marjoram to your essential oil arsenal, check out its essential oil friends. Learn more about Rosemary essential oil and Tea Tree oil on The Lavender Life.

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