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Storing essential oils: The dos and don’ts

Storing essential oils: The dos and don’ts

Essential oils are an investment in your health and well-being. Learning the dos and don’ts of storing them is just one important way to protect your wellness investment and maximize their benefits.

Dos and don’ts: How do you store essential oils?

Do keep the bottle lids on tight.

  • A tight lid prevents oxidation, air, or water from getting inside the bottle.
  • Less contact with air allows the oil to retain its properties. Frequent and prolonged exposure to air can alter consistency, smell, and properties of the oil.
  • Closing lids tightly also stops oil from evaporating.

YL tip: The plastic fitment on the bottle, which allows the oil to escape one drop at a time, also helps keep air and water out. Be sure to leave it on the bottle!

Don’t bring the heat or sunlight.

  • Too much heat or sunlight can impact the quality of the oil.
  • Both heat and sunlight can change the chemical composition of the oil.
  • Too much heat can cause the oil to evaporate more quickly, making it less effective.
  • Too much sun can deteriorate the oil.

YL tip: Keep essential oils in a closet or drawer and avoid leaving them in your car. A good rule of thumb is to keep oils in a cool, dark place.

Do care for them on the go.

If you’re anything like us, you keep your favorite oils on hand wherever you go—your car, your gym bag, your desk, and your purse. Any time is the right time for using your faves! The good news is you can preserve your oils and store them safely while traveling with a carrying case made just for your essential oils. Carry 710, or even 30 oils with you wherever you go!

Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

You love your oils and you’re not afraid to show it! Display them in your home with a stylish shelving unit along with a potted plant or other chic decor element. Be sure the display doesn’t get frequent or prolonged sunlight, then let your oils take center stage!

Do get your questions answered.

Have questions about storing your oils, keeping the quality consistent over time, and getting the most out of each little bottle? Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Can you keep essential oils in the fridge?     Some EO lovers swear by putting their oils in the fridge. It isn’t so much the lower temperature that matters—oils do not need to be kept that cold—but the consistent climate. Your fridge stays the same temperature day and night, which helps preserve the oil. Be sure to remove the oil about 12 hours before use so it can return to room temperature.
  • Can essential oils be stored in plastic bottles?     Essential oils are incredibly potent, which means that many oils will dissolve plastic. For this reason, we always keep our oils in glass bottles. Keep this in mind when you make your own EO concoctions like this DIY mermaid hair spray!
  • Do essential oils need dark bottles?     You’ll notice that all Young Living essential oils come in amber bottles. That’s to protect them from light that can alter their delicate composition. We recommend always storing your essential oils in dark bottles to preserve their quality.
  • Is it okay to freeze essential oils?     Though the fridge is fine, the freezer isn’t a great place for your oils. Just as you want to avoid extremely hot temperatures, you also want to keep your essential oils away from extreme cold.

Now that you know how to care for your favorite oils at home and on the go, learn which are the best for traveling and discover the must-have oils for bedtime.


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