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Love challenge: 28 ways to invite love into your life - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

Love challenge: 28 ways to invite love into your life

Put on your rose-colored glasses and embrace your inner romantic with our 28 Days of Love calendar! Each day you’ll find an activity like a special girls night out or an indulgent night in for a warm, Lavender-scented bath. This February, bring love into your life and grow closer to the people around you (including yourself!) as you complete the calendar.

How do you do the love challenge?

It’s simple: Do one task for each day of the month. It’s okay if you don’t begin on the first day; just begin with the task that correlates with the day you are on or start from the beginning and go through each day until you complete the list!

How can love improve your life?

When we think of love, oftentimes we picture romantic relationships or the love that we have for our families and friends. It is easy to forget how important it is to love yourself as well. Increasing self-love can help you to gain confidence and will allow you to have the capacity to give more of your love to others.

As you serve those around you, change your inner voice to be more positive, and work on building loving relationships, you will begin to increase in happiness and life satisfaction.

28 Days of Love calendar challenge

Download this calendar to help you focus on embracing love all month long.

Love challenge: 28 ways to invite love into your life - Love Calendar - Young Living Lavender Life Blog


February 1: Share a delicious meal with someone you care about. Bonus points if you use Vitality™ essential oils!

February 2: Inspire romance by diffusing oils such as Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Acceptance, or Sensation.

February 3: Send a note or card to someone you love. It doesn’t have to be a written note. You can even send an email or a text. Show someone you are thinking about them!

February 4: Cuddle up with a blanket and your favorite book or movie for a night in. Kick back and relax with some delicious Vitality-infused hot cocoa, diffuse your favorite relaxing blends, and snack on some chips and guac.

February 5: Write down 10 things you love about yourself. It’s okay if this takes a little bit of time. Allow yourself to truly ponder on this list. If you are struggling with coming up with 10 things, do a compliment exchange with a friend or loved one to get ideas.

February 6: Send a gift to someone. Big or small, help someone feel good about themselves with a present.

 Gift surrounded by pink rose petals - Young Living Lavender Life Blog


February 7: Make a favorite treat for yourself and indulge.

February 8: Start a gratitude journal. Work toward making gratitude a daily habit in your life. Begin by writing down 3–5 things you are grateful for each day.

February 9: Tell someone you love them. This can be done in person or over the phone. Communication is key in healthy relationships, so let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them!

February 10: Go to lunch with a coworker or friend. Catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Focus your conversation on positive and fun topics and try to learn something new about this person, rather than indulging in gossip or drama. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and positively boosted in your day.

February 11: Treat yourself to your favorite fresh-cut flowers to add some brightness to your day.

Woman with Young Living Charcoal Mask on her face - Young Living Lavender Life Blog

February 12: Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Mani-pedis aren’t your thing? Do a fun spa night with a relaxing bath and face mask! Happy, healthy skin and nails will help you appreciate your amazing body.

February 13: Smile at others. This one is free! You never know the difference a smile can make in someone’s day. You’ll bring love into your life and theirs with this simple act.

February 14: Share something uplifting on your social media.

February 15: Hug someone. Did you know that a hug can help reduce the effects of stress and can add a sense of calm to your day? It’s good for you and the person you’re sharing the embrace with!

February 16: Wear your favorite essential oil blend as a personal scent.

February 17: Give someone your time today and listen to what they have to say. You never know the impact that simply listening can have.

February 18: Bring in treats to work to build loving relationships (or at least friendly ones!) at your job. Don’t have coworkers? Share something tasty with your neighbors instead!


February 19: Plan a nice evening for yourself. Bring love into your life by dressing up in your favorite outfit, cooking your favorite meal, and listening to your go-to playlist.

February 20: Donate your gently used clothes to a local shelter.

February 21: Go on a walk with a family member, friend, or pet. Build a happy, healthy attitude by connecting with the natural world and appreciating its beauty.

February 22: Plan a day of adventure just for you!

February 23: Draw yourself a bubble bath, add a Lavender Calming Bath Bomb, and unwind.

February 24: Replace your workout with dance. Take a class or find a video online! Put on your favorite feel-good music to make the experience even more fun.

February 25: Rub some Lavender oil on your feet as you prepare for a peaceful slumber.

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February 26: Plan a night out with your favorite friends. Go to your favorite restaurant, spend time shopping, or participate in a fun activity. Allow yourself to have fun and embrace the little moments of the night.

February 27: Be kind to someone you don’t know. Bring love into your life by spreading kindness wherever you are!

February 28: Donate to a cause you care about.

As you go through each of these tasks, be very intentional with your focus on love. You will be able to see the world through more appreciative eyes as you invite love into your life.


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