Easy-peasy DIY dry shampoo—Refresh your hair at home!

Greasy hair between washes is a downer—we get it—but dry shampoos off the shelf are often too pricey or loaded with harsh chemicals. Fear not, we’ve got the hair hack for you: DIY dry shampoo! With only a few simple steps and natural ingredients, you can say goodbye to greasy hair blues and hello to your homemade dry shampoo, leaving your locks looking stunning and refreshed in an “I woke up looking like this” way.

When you forget about those store-bought products with harsh chemicals and hefty price tags, you have complete control over the ingredients and can customize them to suit your hair’s needs.   Plus, it’s budget-friendly!

Curious about how to make your DIY dry shampoo at home? Keep reading, and we’ll take you through the process step-by-step.

What you should know about DIY dry shampoo

As you start learning about homemade dry shampoos, here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind—DIY dry shampoo 101:

  • DIY dry shampoo is a convenient, cost-effective solution for refreshing your hair between washes.
  • Making your own dry shampoo allows you to avoid harsh chemicals and tailor the ingredients to your hair.
  • Creating DIY dry shampoo at home is incredibly easy and takes a few simple ingredients.
  • Once made, you can apply your dry shampoo to the roots and oily areas of your hair. Massage it in and brush or comb through to distribute the shampoo.
  • You can use DIY dry shampoo when you’re short on time or when you need a quick refresh between washes.

Why use DIY dry shampoo?

You’ll find many reasons why using DIY dry shampoo is a great option for your hair. First, you’ll love how it feels compared to the traditional store-bought options. One of the most popular advantages is having complete control over the ingredients. As you whip up your dry shampoo, you can avoid harsh chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, you can opt for natural ingredients that are gentler on your hair and scalp.

The second primary benefit of DIY dry shampoo is its versatility. You can easily adapt the recipe to your specific hair conditions. If your hair is on the oilier side, you can adjust the quantity of ingredients that help absorb excess oil and keep your hair looking fresh. If your hair tends to be drier or is color-treated, you can add ingredients that provide moisture and protect your hair color.

Finally, making your own dry shampoo is budget-friendly. While you can’t put a price tag on hair care, instead of spending money on expensive store-bought options, you can use common household ingredients to create an effective dry shampoo. This saves you money and ensures you always have a supply of dry shampoo whenever you need it.

How to make DIY dry shampoo at home

So, how do you make dry shampoo at home? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to mix up your own batch from a few ingredients you can find around the house.

dry shampoo in a container


  • Cornstarch: Who doesn’t have cornstarch on hand? This powder helps absorb excess oil and add volume to your hair.
  • Cocoa powder: This ingredient is ideal for brunettes because it blends in seamlessly with darker hair colors.
  • Essential oils: These can provide an array of benefits beyond an enticing personal aroma. Many oils offer hair-care benefits such as soothing the scalp, adding extra cleansing power, or boosting hydration. If you’re just beginning to add oils to your hair care, we recommend starting with Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Cedarwood essential oils.


  1. Start by gathering the ingredients we listed above.
  2. Mix a quarter cup of cornstarch with either one tablespoon of cocoa powder—for brunettes—or leave it plain for blondes or those with lighter-colored hair.
  3. Mix well with a few drops of your preferred essential oil.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a clean container with a lid, or use a shaker bottle for easy application.

woman with dark hair applying dry shampoo

Tips and tricks for using your DIY dry shampoo

As you get more adept at using DIY dry shampoo, there are a few tricks to remember, especially when it comes to applying the homemade shampoo powder:

  • Start small: Begin by applying a tiny amount of dry shampoo to your hair. You can always add more as needed, but using too much can leave an unwanted powdery residue. A clean brush used to apply foundation or blush can be an easy way to distribute the powder.
  • Focus on the roots and oily areas: Concentrate the application of any dry shampoo on your roots and the areas of your hair that tend to get oily.
  • Massage into the scalp: After applying the dry shampoo, gently massage it into your scalp. You want to go for an even distribution of the product so it can absorb any excess oils.
  • Brush or comb through: Use a brush or a comb to remove any remaining powder and distribute the dry shampoo throughout your hair. This ensures the product is evenly distributed, and voila! Your hair looks fresh, clean, and ready to wow.

Remember, DIY dry shampoo is a great option when you’re in between washes or short on time. In a pinch, a little dry shampoo can provide a quick and convenient refresh tailor-made specifically for your hair.