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The well-groomed man: Stay sharp with 7 natural products for men

The well-groomed man: Stay sharp with 7 natural products for men

Many men underestimate the power of a simple sprucing up and the refreshing feeling of using non-toxic products. Nothing boosts confidence like a clean shave, a tidy trim, or a custom cologne featuring dude-approved essential oils. Transform yourself into a true gentleman by implementing these naturally derived products into your personal care routine.

Go ahead—get grooming with this guys’ guide to tidying up!

The key to confidence: clear skin

We all wish that graduating from high school also meant graduating from blemishes and breakouts, but sadly that’s not always the case. We never grow out of keeping up on a simple, effective skin care routine that will address aging as we get older. Caring for your skin by using clean products with natural ingredients will keep your dermis looking dapper.

Build a skin care routine with natural products free of harsh chemicals to enhance your handsomeness and suit your skin type.

  • Deep clean with Charcoal Bar Soap for a facial cleanser that keeps skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • Spot treat blemishes with the plant-based power of Maximum-Strength Acne Treatment.
  • Exfoliate with a facial scrub to help your skin steer clear of blemishes and razor bumps.
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To shave or not to shave?

The eternal facial hair question: Do you go with a clean shave, a rugged beard, or somewhere in between? Whatever you choose, impress your barber with these natural products specifically formulated for men’s facial hair.

To tidy up your routine, try Shutran™ shave products. Keep your skin and your scruff in tip-top shape with plant-based formulas, moisturizing ingredients, and the masculine scent of Shutran essential oil blend.

Check out other dude-approved essential oils for men.


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It’s only natural

Whether you prefer sporting an unruly, mountain-man mane; a hard part and sideburns; or a ‘fro for days, we’ve got the products that provide a natural pick-me-up—for your hair, that is.

Just like skin care, skip store-bought products full of ingredients like formaldehyde and isopropyl alcohol. Try this down-to-earth DIY pomade to naturally keep your style in place.

Other helpful hair hints for the green-minded gent:

  • Add a drop of Tea Tree to your shampoo to maintain healthy-looking hair.
  • Run a drop of Cedarwood through dry hair for a warm, woody scent before styling to condition down to your scalp.
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Spit-shined and polished

Before you walk out the door, round out your routine with these bro-hygiene best practices.

Keep your smile happy with a whitening toothpaste made from pure and safe ingredients. Thieves® Whitening Toothpaste keeps teeth bright and sparkling while fighting plaque and supporting healthy gums without damaging enamel.

For the finishing touch, add a spritz of cologne. Did you know you can DIY a signature scent with essential oils? Mix and match aromas to create a custom cologne that suits your tastes and smells fantastic. This one-of-a-kind creation also makes a thoughtful gift!

Check out this post for a detailed DIY cologne how-to, plus a couple scent ideas to get you started.



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