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New to essential oils? 15 oils for beginners

New to essential oils? 15 oils for beginners

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the ticket to living a life more full of health and happiness: essential oils! With hundreds of oils and almost as many ways to use each one, starting out with essential oils can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a dozen resources and are sharing 15 oils and their uses to get you started.

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The essential oil basics

Before we jump into which essential oils you need first and foremost, we’ve got a list of resources that will take you from essential oil first-timer to top of the class.

Which essential oils are good for beginners?

1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Lovely Lavender! Probably the first oil that comes to mind when you hear “essential oils,” the fresh, bouquet-like scent of Lavender will elevate your beauty, wellness, and meditation routines.

Lavender uses

  • Diffuse 3 drops Lavender and 3 drops Orange in the nursery for a precious and peaceful scent.
  • Add 4 drops Lavender and 1 cup Epsom salt to a hot bath for a slice of serenity.
  • Mix with lotion or aloe vera to soothe skin after a fun day in the sun.

2. Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil Focused Frankincense! When you need some self-reflection, are searching for a moment of peace, or are looking for a calm companion, the grounding, complex aroma of Frankincense will get the job done.

Frankincense uses

  • Find your center of content by diffusing during prayer or mediation.
  • Incorporate into your nighttime skin care routine for a vibrant, even-looking skin tone.
  • Dab a drop of Frankincense and Valor onto your wrists for all-day confidence and calm.

3. Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil

Comfy Cedarwood! With its balmy, rich, and sauna-like scent, Cedarwood has the amazing ability to surround you with peace, treat you to incredible hair and skin, and freshen up your spaces.

Cedarwood uses

  • Evict unwanted smells and invite in coziness by diffusing this odor-eliminating oil.
  • Mix 3 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Peace & Calming, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. Massage mixture into scalp and hair, let sit for 10 minutes, and rinse completely for lustrous locks.
  • Make an outdoor furniture spray. Combine 8 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Citrus Fresh, 5 drops Peppermint, and distilled water in an 8-ounce glass spray bottle and spritz your outdoor chairs and loungers.

4. PanAway essential oil blend

Panaway essential oil uses

Punchy PanAway®! When a day of picking up toys, sitting in an office chair, or running errands makes you feel like you just ran a marathon, rely on the cooling sensation of PanAway and its potential to soothe aching muscles.

PanAway uses

  • Treat your tired muscles with a quarter-sized amount of V-6™, 2 drops PanAway, and 1 drop Frankincense.
  • Rub 1 drop PanAway and a small amount of coconut oil onto your temples for a refreshing restart.
  • Soak your feet in warm water, ¼ cup Epsom salt, and 3 drops PanAway for a much-deserved me moment.

5. Raven essential oil blend

Raven Essential Oil Blend

Rousing Raven®! As brisk and stimulating as a chilly walk in the woods, Raven exhilarates your senses and aids in deep breathing with its minty essential oils and cool undertones.

Raven uses

  • Freshen up stale, musty room by diffusing this crisp essential oil blend.
  • Place a few drops on the bottom of your shower and let the steam stimulate your day.
  • Add 1 drop each of Raven and Oregano to your favorite lotion and give yourself a pre-bedtime foot massage.

6. DiGize essential oil blend

DiGize essential oil

Dependable DiGize®! Whether you’re sampling exotic cuisine on your summer vacation or hosting a pizza night with friends, you’ll want DiGize within arm’s reach as a post-dinner companion.

DiGize uses

  • Mix DiGize and Peppermint to add to your diffuser for a spicy, minty scent.
  • Keep DiGize in the car. When visiting your favorite restaurant, dilute it with a carrier oil and massage it onto your abdomen after a hearty meal.
  • Add an AromaGlide® Roller Fitment and apply as necessary for a reviving massage.

7. Thieves essential oil blend

Thieves essential oil blend uses | Young Living

Trusty Thieves®! Who knew that quality essential oils distilled from plant materials would be the most effective cleaning agent and have an incredible scent? We did! Turn to the autumnal aroma of Thieves all year long!

Thieves uses

  • Diffuse in the kitchen after every meal for a warm and welcoming air freshener.
  • Give your carpets a redo. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 5 drops Thieves, sprinkle over carpets, let sit, and then vacuum well.
  • Place 2 drops Thieves and 1 drop Raven on a cotton ball and stash it at the bottom of trash cans to fight odor.

8. Stress Away essential oil blend

Stress Away essential oil blend | Young Living

Simple Stress Away™! With a combination of oils, including CopaibaLime, and Cedarwood, the sweet scent of Stress Away delivers on relaxation.

Stress Away uses

  • Keep a level head while conquering homework, career projects, and massive to-do lists with this citrusy aroma.
  • Combine a dime-sized amount of carrier oil, 3 drops Stress Away, and 1 drop PanAway and then ask your partner for a soothing neck massage.
  • Put 8-10 drops directly into bathwater and luxuriate with this sunny scent.

9. Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Lively Lemon! When life gives you lemons, invite in the light with the tangy scent of Lemonto banish the clouds in your sky.

Lemon uses

  • Add DiGize and Lemon to your diffuser for a surprisingly bright scent.
  • Rid yourself of all sticky adhesive residue with 2 drops on a cotton ball.
  • Embrace a youthful glow by adding Lemon to your nighttime skin care routine.*

Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend

10. Peace & Calming essential oil blend

Protective Peace & Calming®! With a gentle and inspiring blend of Ylang YlangOrangeTangerine, and Blue Tansy, the supportive scent of Peace & Calming won’t let you stay down and discouraged for long.

Peace & Calming uses

  • Fill your life with good things by diffusing this feels-like-a-hug aroma.
  • Place a drop or two in your palm, cup your hands, and breathe in so you can infuse your life with stillness.
  • Mix 2 drops of Peace & Calming and Citrus Fresh with an unscented moisturizer to create a DIY lotion you’ll always reach for.

11. Valor essential oil blend

Valor essential oil

Vivacious Valor®! Just like that best friend who’s always there to pump you up, the brisk scent of Valor is the personal cheerleader you’ve always wanted.

Valor uses

  • Create the confidence to complete your dreams with this complex, invigorating aroma.
  • Face the day with courage by inhaling directly from the bottle.
  • Use as a dynamic and distinct personal fragrance by adding it to a DIY perfume or cologne.

12. Citrus Fresh essential oil blend

Citrus Fresh essential oil blend

Zesty Citrus Fresh™! Is it possible to recreate the feeling of vacation adventures, outdoor hammocking, and time with friends with a simple scent? Breathe in Citrus Fresh, full of our favorite citrus oils, and you’ll find out!

Citrus Fresh uses

  • Begin your day the sunny way and hit start on your citrus-filled diffuser right after you hit stop on your alarm.
  • Wipe down counters, doorknobs, and walls with 1 cup distilled water, 5 drops Citrus Fresh, and 5 drops Thieves in a 16-ounce glass spray bottle.
  • Permeate your car with the happiest smell around during morning commutes and rush hour traffic.

13. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil uses | Young Living

Proficient Peppermint! Maybe the most-beloved, most-used essential oil, Peppermintpacks a powerful punch that’s a preferred partner in crime to kids and adults alike.

Peppermint uses

  • Go for a classic scent that everyone loves and diffuse Peppermint and Lavender together.
  • Find your chill after a killer workout. Wet a cloth with cold water, add 1 drop each of Peppermint and Raven, and rub over skin for a cooling sensation.
  • Take care of tired muscles with Peppermint and V-6 after a hike, run, or gym class.

14. Oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil

Outstanding Oregano! This may seem like a surprising addition to this beginner’s guide, but once you discover the powerful uses of warm and herbaceous Oregano, you’ll always want to have extra!

Oregano uses

  • Create the warmth of an Italian kitchen in your own home by diffusing Oregano with Lemon.
  • Add Oregano to your preferred carrier oil and rub into your joints after a long day on your feet.
  • Give the gift of relaxation. Master the Raindrop Technique® and pamper your friends on their birthdays.

15. Orange essential oil

Orange essential oil

Outrageous Orange! Light and bright and everything right, sweet Orange is the ideal companion when you’re ready to fill every part of your day with gorgeous warmth and sunshine.

Orange uses

  • Turn any day right back around by adding this cheery scent to your favorite diffuser.
  • Spruce up your linens. Add 8 drops Orange, 8 drops Stress Away, and 8 ounces of water to a glass spray bottle.
  • Say goodbye to blemishes by adding 4 drops coconut oil and 1 drop Orange to a cotton ball and rubbing on your skin.*

Wow! With so many incredible benefits from these 15 life-enhancing oils, it can be tough to know which ones to pick. To get started, we suggest one of our Premium Starter Kits, full of the world’s purest essential oils, a diffuser, and other household must-haves.

*Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 24 hours after applying product.

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