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10 Essential oils uses we bet you've never tried

10 essential oil uses we bet you’ve never tried

Jump aboard for an essential oils adventure! Since you started your oil journey, you’ve tidied up with Thieves®, de-funked with Purification®, and enjoyed the scent of Lavender while chilling out. Honestly, you might feel like you’ve tried it all! But guess what? There’s more to discover!

Grab your binoculars—it’s time to explore 10 unusual uses you might have missed.

10 essential oil uses we bet you’ve never tried

  1. Ever wanted easy access to the fresh, clean aroma of essential oils while adventuring? Never fear! To keep scents close while on the go, put a drop on the inside of your mask. Our favorites include SpearmintLime, or Valor®!
  2. Sometimes mysterious aromas get buried in your sock drawer. Fight back against stinky scents with a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball. You’ll be greeted with your favorite fragrance instead of a stuffy smell.
  3. While your faithful canine is always willing to explore with you, their smell can become too dog-gone overwhelming! Try some of these essential oil-infused tips to get rid of dog smell next time you adventure together.
  4. Whether you’ve had a long day treasure hunting (i.e., running errands) or just need some after-work pampering, try some citrus in your nightly wind-down. Apply Orange* to oily areas on the skin like your T-zone for some post-expedition skin care.
  5. Exploring exotic locations—or the local mall—can be hard on your shoes. Say goodbye to bad odors by putting a few drops of Tea Tree on two cotton balls and placing them in your favorite pair of walking shoes overnight.
  6. Discovering crayon hieroglyphs on your walls is never good, but don’t worry! You can use Lemon or Orange to help scrub away your child’s take on ancient Egyptian culture. These oils are also pros at removing sticky adhesives from hard surfaces.
  7. Gear up for new adventures with your favorite scent! Put a few drops on a hankie or scarf and keep it with you on your world travels or walks around the block.
  8. While you’re out and about, keep things fresh at home with a drop of Eucalyptus Radiata on the cardboard of your toilet paper roll. Simply spin for a clean scent!
  9. Friends coming over to hear about your latest adventure? Put the finishing touch on your clean kitchen with a drop of Thieves or Grapefruit on a damp washcloth. Wipe down countertops to leave the whole kitchen smelling divine!
  10. If you’re craving exotic dishes but don’t have the spices, try switching Vitality™ essential oils for dried herbs and spices! Sub in Cinnamon Bark Vitality instead of cinnamon or swap fresh rosemary for Rosemary Vitality.

*Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying product.



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