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Thieves Essential Rewards Kit

Use the power of Thieves® essential oil blend to enhance the environment in your home. Enjoy natural home solutions and oral care with safe, natural ingredients you know you can trust!

10 Essential Oil Uses We Bet You’ve Never Tried

Jump aboard for an essential oils adventure! Since you started your oil journey, you’ve tidied up with Thieves®, de-funked with Purification®, and enjoyed the scent of Lavender while chilling out. Honestly, you might feel like you’ve tried it all! But guess what? There’s more to discover!

Holiday Joy Diffuser Blend

The holidays are supposed to be fun, not stressful! Get in a celebratory spirit by surrounding yourself with the scents of the season—cheery citrus and warm spice. A few drops of Thieves, Stress Away™, and Orange can go a long way to setting a cozy and festive atmosphere.

DIY Garbage Disposal Fresheners

DIY garbage disposal fresheners! This easy DIY takes less than an hour, including cleanup! It’s all natural and completely safe for the environment, and the fresheners will make your disposal smell as fresh and clean as a meadow of daisies!

Sweet as Can Be: Diffuser Blends that Smell Like Candy

The excitement of spun sugar, sticky taffy, and melting chocolate as a child is a sad experience to say goodbye to! Don’t worry—the child in you can keep your go-to chocolate bars and ginormous gumballs, your licorice twists and tasty taffies. All you have to do is grab your diffuser and add a few essential oil drops for a little childhood magic!




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