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Viya Car Diffuser

The Viya™ Travel Diffuser is Young Living’s exclusive on-the-go car and camper diffuser. With its five-hour run time, straightforward controls, spill-resistant reservoir, and compact size, the Viya is designed to be the ultimate wanderlust sidekick.

Duet Diffuser

From the moment you wake for the day to the last few minutes before you drift off to sleep at night, the Duet Diffuser will be there to elevate your sensory experience and add a touch of luxury to your life.

BALANCE by Young Living Dual Phase Skin Toner

BALANCE by Young Living Dual-Phase Toner reduces the appearance of pores in only 15 minutes, provides an eight-hour mattifying effect, balance the skin’s microbiome, and helps minimize the appearance of blemishes with gentle, naturally derived ingredients.

Everyday Glow Bundle

Featuring our elegant Desert Mist Diffuser, four essential oils inspired by a popular fresh and fruity candle scent, and two of our best oils for skin care, the Everyday Glow Bundle will breathe new life into your daily routines.



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