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Say Hello to Lushious Lemon: Nature’s Bottled Sunshine

When life gives us lemons, we make summer in a bottle by capturing the zest of bright, sunny days in our unique Lushious Lemon™ essential oil blend. We’ve elevated our lively Lemon essential oil with a dash of floral Ylang Ylang and a few drops of cooling Spearmint and Eucalyptus Globulus to give you a blend that perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer.

Beat the Stink Naturally: How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

We’re here to help you make another clean swap—get ready to learn how to switch to natural deodorant. You might have heard horror stories about how switching to a natural deodorant totally stinks (literally). But don’t sweat it; we’ve got your pits covered with these tips to make the transition to natural deodorant easy peasy—and less smelly too!

8 Tips to Elevate Your Essential Oil Game

Do you have a shelf full of essential oils but aren’t quite sure how to harness their full potential? You may be diffusing them regularly or applying them topically, but there are dozens of unique ways to make these versatile drops of goodness a larger part of your life.

Brighten Your Day with Jade Lemon Essential Oil

There’s something sunshiny about Jade Lemon™ that will have you reaching for its citrus scent. This unique oil is pressed from the rinds of the Citrus limon eureka var. formosensis, a stunning plant from China. Jade Lemon’s softly crisp aroma is a sweeter version of Lemon’s tartness that will remind you of roller skating under a robin-egg-blue sky.

10 Essential Oil Uses We Bet You’ve Never Tried

Jump aboard for an essential oils adventure! Since you started your oil journey, you’ve tidied up with Thieves®, de-funked with Purification®, and enjoyed the scent of Lavender while chilling out. Honestly, you might feel like you’ve tried it all! But guess what? There’s more to discover!

DIY Garbage Disposal Fresheners

DIY garbage disposal fresheners! This easy DIY takes less than an hour, including cleanup! It’s all natural and completely safe for the environment, and the fresheners will make your disposal smell as fresh and clean as a meadow of daisies!

DIY Room Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Room Sprays make the perfect gift this season! Learn how to make a DIY Room Spray by simply using your favorite essential oils, water, and witch hazel! These make the perfect cost-effective and easy DIY gift for your friends and family members.




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