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10 Biggest Essential Oil Mistakes

From cleaning to cooking, sleeping to sports, essential oils have the power to improve whole-life wellness. The best way to access the benefits in those little amber bottles? Use essential oils correctly. Even the most experienced oil aficionado can use the occasional EO refresher. And while this list of 10 essential oil mistakes isn’t carved in stone, consider it solid advice.

15 Summer Hacks Too Good Not to Share

When summer brings out the heat, bring on the beach trips, pool parties, and fireworks! This is your chance to make the most of every warm, sunny ray from now until Labor Day. So, what do you say—are you ready to soak up the sun all summer long? Try these summer hacks to live your best life and stay cool in more ways than one!

CBD 101: What You Need to Know About Smart Spectrum CBD

With all the information circling around about CBD, it’s easy to feel confused! At Young Living, we’re clearing the air. Looking for the difference between cannabis and hemp? Or maybe you’re wanting more insight into the muscle rub or roll-on. Consider this your one-stop shop for Nature’s Ultra and CBD information!



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