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Elevate Your Laundry Routine with Essential Oils

Sprucing up your laundry routine only takes a few simple drops! Follow this guide to safely add essential oils to your laundry: These simple laundry tips will not only leave your clothes smelling like a walk through the garden but can also turn what was once a tedious chore into a serene sensory moment!

Reinvent Your Routines With These Essential Oil Hacks

When life starts to feel stale, it’s important to shake things up a bit. That’s where essential oils come in; those little amber bottles filled with oils are powerful, diverse allies when it comes to refreshing your daily routines. Keep reading for some of our favorite ways to use essential oils to elevate each day.

DIY Swim Spray and Detangler

Summer is here and that means making a splash in the pool, winning epic water fights, and endless playtime at the beach. All that can’t-miss summer fun is worth it, but it can leave hair feeling dry and tangled.

8 Tips to Elevate Your Essential Oil Game

Do you have a shelf full of essential oils but aren’t quite sure how to harness their full potential? You may be diffusing them regularly or applying them topically, but there are dozens of unique ways to make these versatile drops of goodness a larger part of your life.

Perfume Notes with Essential Oils

Many popular perfumes contain various synthetic chemicals, some of which have the potential to act as hormone-disruptors. Hidden behind these scents are substances that are not listed on the label and have not been assessed for safety. Essential oils provide a natural solution to enjoy beautiful aromas. Let’s create your signature scent! First, let’s talk about perfume notes.

Maintain Your Mane at Home with this DIY Hair Mask

Envious of the thick, long, healthy-looking hair that you see on social media? Same! Let us help you achieve your influencer hair goals in a natural, sweet-smelling way. The root of the problem for most unhealthy and breakable hair is, well, your roots. Use this DIY hair mask infused with Rosemary and Ginger to give your scalp a well-deserved treat and get the selfie-ready hair you’ve been searching for.

DIY Skin Care with Coffee Scrub & Hand Balm

These DIY Coffee Scrubs and DIY Hand Balm would make the perfect gifts this year! The Coffee Scrub uses common household ingredients and smells amazing, while the hand balm is customizable to whatever skin loving oils you love! Both of these recipes are quick and easy to make.

DIY Garbage Disposal Fresheners

DIY garbage disposal fresheners! This easy DIY takes less than an hour, including cleanup! It’s all natural and completely safe for the environment, and the fresheners will make your disposal smell as fresh and clean as a meadow of daisies!

DIY Room Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Room Sprays make the perfect gift this season! Learn how to make a DIY Room Spray by simply using your favorite essential oils, water, and witch hazel! These make the perfect cost-effective and easy DIY gift for your friends and family members.



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