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Which Type of Diffuser is Right for You?

One of the best ways to experience everything essential oils can offer is by using a diffuser! Diffusers help break essential oils into small particles that can disperse through the air and fill an entire space with powerful, breathable essential oil benefits.

Fall in Love With These DIY Autumn Blends

If you’re like us, you love bringing out all of the things that have been patiently waiting in storage for just this time of year. Things like chunky sweaters, warming drinks, and certain scents that just seem right during autumn. That’s why we’ve created these four new DIY blends—to celebrate Fall!

Replace your Candles with These 6 Diffuser Blends

Candles can be full of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients that have no place in the home. The next time you’re tempted to purchase sweetly scented harsh chemicals, remember that you have pure and potent, not to mention incredible smelling, aromatic oils waiting for you at home! So plug in your diffuser and fill the room with these essential oil diffuser blends for an aroma that’s better than any retail candle.

8 Essential Oils You’ve Never Heard of (Until Now!)

Get ready to discover a whole new world of botanical scents and solutions! With hundreds of essential oils and essential oil blends, it’s tough to use them all. However, it is possible, especially with the essential oil pros out in the world. If you’re ready to branch out past your trusted go-tos and find new favorites, this one’s for you.

No-Nonsense Truths About Essential Oils

We’re totally serious about essential oils. How serious? Read on for no-nonsense, unequivocal truths about Young Living essential oils! Today, we combine time-tested practices with modern-day science to ensure the power of potency of our oils. Young Living’s research partnership with the Monell Institute helps us verify that our products do what we say they do.



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