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Golden Turmeric Daily Wellness Drinks 

Daily Wellness Mocktail

Not feeling yourself and need a mini wellness boost? Whip up this delightful mocktail that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revived.

Turmeric Refresher

Need a midday pick-me-up to get rid of your soda cravings? Get your tastebuds tingling with this bubbly, energizing refresher.

Golden Turmeric Wellness Shots

Want a quick Golden Turmeric fix? Try out these healthy, simple Golden Turmeric shot recipes. For each recipe, simply mix the ingredients together and enjoy!

Spiced Golden Milk:

Test out our Young Living take on classic golden milk. The creamy, spiced flavor will be just what you need when you kick your feet up for a lunchtime timeout.

The Green Machine:

Looking to add a little freshness to your morning while packing in the vegetable nutrients? This shot is for you!

Sleepy Time Shot:

Prep yourself for bed with a calming shot that will help you wind down as you enjoy these soul-quieting flavors.

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