Diffusing quick start – make a DIY diffusing bomb

DIY Diffusing Bomb

Do you have a favorite diffuser recipe or two?  Instead of counting out drops each time using multiple bottles,  how about making a diffuser bomb with your favorite recipes and simplify your diffusing by using only one bottle?

* This is a great way to use your clean, empty, 15mL essential oil bottles! Or, if you have an essential oil bottle that still has a drop or two of oil in it and it is one of the oils in your recipe, there is no need to clean it out, just start combining your oils in that bottle.  (You can also use Bamboo dropper lids. Look on Whimsy and Wellness or Amazon)


  1. Add the oils from your favorite blends. You can triple the recipe or more, it’s up to you.  A 15mL bottle holds approximately 300 drops.
  2. Before using, give the bottle a gentle shake and then add 8-12 drops into your diffuser.

Diffuser Bomb Recipe

Need a diffuser bomb recipe?  A favorite is the Anthropologie Home.  Try it in your diffuser before you make a diffuser bomb out of it to see if you like it.