Cleaning Your Diffuser

Weekly Cleaning Routine

To keep your diffusers running at their optimal output, clean them at least once a week.  Turn off and unplug your diffusers before cleaning them.  With a clean, gentle cloth, dampened with warm water, wipe down the entire surface, both inside and out.  To clean the ultrasonic plate, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and give a gentle wipe to the plate.  Do this more often when using resin oils.

You know how Lemon Essential Oil lifts-off sticky residue on surfaces?  Well, if it has been awhile since you cleaned your diffuser, drop 6-9 drops of Lemon Essential Oil into your diffuser, add your water and start diffusing. Not only are you getting the beautiful, uplifting aroma of lemon throughout your space, you’re giving yourself a head start on cleaning your diffuser!