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Common questions about the new changes at Young Living

How does a new customer get the 24% discount?

Customers are eligible for the 24% discount at sign-up if they do one of 2 things:

  1. Purchase 100PV or more on their first order
  2. Put at least 1 item on S2S (Subscribe to Save - formally known as Essential Rewards)

Do not use SHOP for your monthly subscription order.

How long does the 24% discount last?

A first order of 100PV unlocks the 24% discount for 12 months. After that, adding 1 item to S2S will continue the discounted pricing.

If a new customer first unlocks the 24% discount by placing an item on S2S, they will need to keep at least 1 item on S2S to continue their discounted pricing.

Subscribe to Save

What is S2S (Subscribe to Save)?

Young Living’s new subscription program that unlocks the 24% discount.  You can put items into your S2S cart and designate a 1,2, or 3 month order frequency.

Will I have to subscribe to items to get the order discount?

Yes, though your subscriptions can change every single month like they do now! You’ll need to go into your Virtual Office and update accordingly

Can someone do several S2S orders in a month?

Your S2S order will ship once a month.  Once it goes through though, if you add something new to your S2S cart, it won’t ship until the next month’s subscription is processed.  If you need more products after your S2S ships that month, you can do a regular “shop” order.

You can subscribe to as many items as you want throughout the month but your S2S will process and ship as one order each month.

S2S Example: If your S2S order processed on the 12th and you want to order something else on the 18th, you can either place a SHOP order to get it shipped immediately… or you can add it to your S2S order for next month.

Shop Order:  You can have unlimited SHOP orders per month, but you won’t earn Loyalty Rewards points on these.

Using the S2S program will unlock the 24% wholesale discount, but the program will only allow one S2S order each month and you will earn Loyalty Rewards points only if your S2S order is 50PV or more.

What if an item is Out-of-Stock and my S2S order drops to under 50PV?

You will get an email notification, as well as, a pop up before your order processes, letting you know that you are under 50 PV and should add an item.

If I put an item on S2S to unlock the 24% discount and then next month cancel what’s in my S2S order, will I drop back to “retail” pricing?

Yes, you’ll drop back to retail pricing.  You can skip up to 3 months on S2S.  But if you take all items off S2S, or don’t order for 3 months you will lose your 24% discount.  But, you can easily hop back on to S2S and get the discount back.

When will my S2S order process?

Once you’re on the new shopping platform, your S2S order will process at 12:01am on the morning of your selected date.  For example, if your S2S order date is the 12th, your S2S order will process at 12:01am on the morning of the 12th.  It’s best practice to check your S2S cart the day before your processing date and make sure you have everything you need.

The only exception is S2S orders that are scheduled for the 1st of the month. In order to give people time to see the monthly “Gifts with Purchase” orders scheduled for the 1st will process at 12:01am on the 2nd.

Will there still be a PV Assist tool?

The PV Assist tool will not be a part of the new platform, but S2S participants will get an email to alert them if an item on subscription is not in stock. Emails will be sent 5 days and 3 days prior to your ship date.

Will I be able to use account credits toward my monthly subscription?

Yes, account credits can now be applied toward subscription orders.

Loyalty Reward Points

How do I qualify for the Loyalty Rewards points (the new name for Essential Rewards points)?

Customers and Brand Partners can both earn Loyalty Rewards points. To earn Loyalty Rewards points and loyalty gifts, you simply must place a S2S order of at least 50 PV.

There is no requirement to sign up for Loyalty Rewards. You simply place a S2S order that’s 50pv or more and you’ll receive Loyalty Rewards points.

Will I get Loyalty Rewards points if I’m on Subscribe to Save at 50-plus PV, but I’m not ordering monthly?

You’ll receive 10% on any S2S order that is 50PV or more. However, if you don’t place S2S orders every month - consecutively - you won’t increase your Loyalty Rewards points percentage from 10% to 20% and ultimately to 25%.

  • To earn higher point levels, you’ll need to place consecutive orders monthly.
  • You’ll start out earning 10% back in Loyalty Rewards points for a 50-plus PV S2S order.
  • After being on S2S at 50-plus PV for 3 consecutive months, you’ll begin earning 20% back in Loyalty Rewards points.
  • After being on S2S at 50-plus PV for 24 consecutive months, you’ll begin earning 25% back in Loyalty Rewards points.
Will I earn Loyalty Rewards points if I place a 50-plus PV S2S order every other month?

You’ll earn 10% Loyalty Reward points on every 50-plus PV S2S order - even if they’re every other month - but you’ll only earn 10% back in points each time.

The Enrollment Process

What happens if someone checks out as a guest?

If someone checks out as a guest, they’ll be prompted to enter in a Referral ID during checkout. If they don’t enter a Referral ID, they will be put into the orphan pool.

Guest checkout allows someone to check out without creating an account.

However, they will not be eligible for the customer account perks like:

  • Access to a the account manager
  • Order history
  • Updates on order status
  • Eligibility to earn Loyalty Rewards points
  • Ability to save addresses and payment methods
  • First to know about deals and promotions
  • Ability to create a product wish list
What if someone comes back to the site after creating an account and then at a later date, attempts to check out as a guest?

The system will prompt them to log in. The system will recognize their email (which is linked to their account) and the system will link them to their enroller.

Please note that you can only place subscription orders if you log in, so S2S people will not want to use the guest checkout.

How does a customer reactivate their account?

If a customer were to go “Inactive”, the process will work exactly like it does now.  Technically, after 12 months of not ordering, they will disappear from your downline viewer but they are still there on the corporate side.  If they reactivate, they can choose to stay in place or to select a new sponsor.

Currently, inactive members can call Young Living to reactivate their account.  If they reactivate after 2 years or more of being inactive, they will be treated as a new customer.

Customers & Brand Partners

Are customers actually members? Will there be a membership agreement for them to be customers at wholesale price?

No, only Brand Partners will have to sign anything.  Customers won’t be “members.”, just remain a customer.

How do I know if I’ll be reclassified as a Brand Partner on the changeover to the new system?

You’ll be reclassified as a BP if you’ve done at least 1 of the following in the last 12 months:

  • Enrolled someone
  • Earned a YL paycheck
  • Reached Star rank or above
  • Bought a “business tool” such as myYL.com or Oily Tools
Is a ‘business tool’ currently in the Virtual Office under the Business Tools category/section?

No.  A business tool (to qualify someone as BP before reclassification) is Oily Tools or My YL

Once I’m reclassified as a Brand Partner, what do I need to do to remain a Brand Partner?

You must do at least one of the following every 12 months:

  • Enroll someone
  • Earn a paycheck from Young Living
  • Reach a rank of STAR or above
  • Buy a BEK (Business Essential Kit)
How does a new customer become a Brand Partner?

They will become a Brand Partner by purchasing a Business Essentials Kit on the new site for $29.95.

Does the Business Essentials Kit have PV attached to it?

No, there is no PV on the BEK. There cannot be any profit on it (per the FTC).

What’s in the Business Essentials Kit?

The kit includes the following:

  • Rise 90-day journey booklet
  • 90-day planning calendar
  • Book “Rise to Royal” — has testimonials, rank retreats
  • Flyer that outlines My YL website which is a free 90 day subscription.
  • 3 months of myYL.com website for FREE! ($30 value)
  • Flyer for Silver Bound
Can Brand Partners who are “grandfathered in” buy a Business Essentials Kit?

Not for a while.  For now, we have a limited number of kits in house and they are reserved for new brand partners.

Will our Virtual Office show us who is designated as a Brand Partner or Customer?

Yes. On the compensation plan landing page there’s a PowerPoint presentation that shows what the Virtual Office will look like.  It’ll have a corresponding color for the ranks. It will be easy to identify, at a glance, everyone’s designation.

What happens if a Brand Partner falls back to Customer status?

They’ll keep their downline but will not have access to a downline viewer to see it. In addition, they will not be eligible to get paid on their downline unless they become a Brand Partner again.

Can I switch from being a Brand Partner to being a Customer? Do I have to create a new account?

Don’t create a new account. Call in when you’re reclassified as a Brand Partner and tell Member Services you want to stop getting paid and move over to a status of Customer.

You will need to do this within the first 30 days of the official reclassification or (if you qualify) you will default to Brand Partner.

Getting Paid

How do I qualify for a paycheck and rank?

100CV is required for Associates -> Executives. That 100CV can come from their front-line customers or their own order, or a combo of the two. However, the only way to ensure your paycheck is to place your own personal 100pv order.

The Silver rank and up will need to place a 100PV personal order like always.

What happens to my CV if a first level customer switches to Brand Partner partway through the month?

If you have a level 1 customer who places an order, that order will count toward your CV (combined volume). But - if they become to Brand Partner before the end of month, their order volume no longer counts towards your CV.  It is the primary reason we highly suggest you place a 100PV order - to ensure your paycheck.

Will I get paid a Fast Start bonus on Brand Partners?

If a brand-new customer converts to Brand Partner in month 2 or 3 after enrollment, the Fast Start bonus will be paid out to the enroller for all three months.

If a brand-new customer converts to Brand Partner in month 1, the enroller will not earn Fast Start on them at all.

What if the top part of a leg doesn’t have the necessary 100CV?

For someone to qualify as the top of a leg, they must be a Brand Partner.  So, if the top of a leg is a Customer (which doesn’t qualify them to hold a leg together), or if they’re a Brand Partner without the necessary 100CV, the system will just keep looking downward to find the first qualified brand partner who can "hold the leg together.”

Does a Brand Partner have to place an order after they get the Business Essentials Kit?

Just as it is now - Brand Partners are not required to purchase every month unless they want to get paid (though the Combined Volume will cover them from the Associate rank through the Exec rank).

When customers refer a friend to Young Living, what will they receive for referring that person?

Nothing right now, but Young Living is working on a referral program for the near future - possibly a credit of some form.  

Note that only Brand Partners will get paid for referring people to Young Living.

How will placement work?

Placement will work the same way as it does now.

When does the Silver Bound bonus program start? When someone enrolls as a customer, or when they convert to Brand Partner?

The Silver Bound timeline starts when someone becomes a Brand Partner.

FAQs and the Basics

- See articles on many of the common issues and questions -

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Common questions when purchasing a Young Living Starter kit.

Why does Young Living ask for my Social Security number?

Young Living members can earn "thank you" checks if they share their referral link with someone who then uses it to make a purchase.  Because you have the potential to earn money, Young Living will need your Social Security number for tax purposes.   Though remember, you may leave money on the table if you do not provide it.

However, you are not required to provide your Social Security number if you do not wish to when you purchase your Premium Starter kit membership.

Do I need to pay a membership fee every year?
No. To maintain your Young Living membership and discount, you simply need to place a 50PV (basically $50.00) order at least once every 12 months.  Please note that this cannot be several small orders throughout the year that equal 50PV, but one order that is at least 50PV.
Do I need to make a monthly purchase to be a wholesale member?
No.  During the sign-up process, you wil be asked several times if you would like to set up a monthly order - Essential Rewards.  (see link below)   You can sign up for this program at any time to help promote a healthy lifestyle, but it is not required.

Essential Rewards explained

Do I need to sell Young Living products when I become a member?
No.  Although many people make an income from sharing their Young Living referral link, selling is not required.  Most members simply purchase products for their own use or for gifts.
Why should I buy from Young Living when there are cheaper options from other companies?
You are familiar with the saying, "You get what you pay for."?  No one else has a Seed-to-Seal standard like Young Living - no one.  Whether it is a bottle of Lavender essential oil, or one of over 600 products, each product is held to the highest of standards.  If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle, you can rest assured that Young Living products are among the best.  They make it easy and convenient for you , unlike any other company.

Seed-to-Seal explained video

Seed to Seal guarantee

How about purchasing Young Living products on Amazon?

Young Living does not sell products or oils on Amazon.  You can only get them directly from Young Living, or through an independent distributor.  The bottles you see on Amazon may look brand new, but you have no idea what is in there - anyone can sell on Amazon.  If you encounter problems with the product or oil,  resolution will be difficult or impossible.  Young Living guarantees the quality and sourcing - if something is broken or leaking, Young Living will replace it.

See Product Safety with On-Line Stores

How many drops of oil are in a bottle?

Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 80-90 drops of oil.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 250-270 drops of oil.

common questions

Are essential oils safe?

First off, let me say that I am not against allopathic medicine.  I will happily go to a doctor if I need emergency care or surgery.  I thank the Lord for those gifted people.  In general though, I want to work on disease prevention and pursue a healthy wellness mindset.   I have found that the best way for me to do this is through a Young Living wellness lifestyle.

Let's take a look at some medical statistics.

From the World Health Organization website:

  • Conservatively, the WHO estimates that patient harm is the 14th leading cause of morbidity and mortality across the world.
  • Estimates show that in high-income countries, 1 in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care.
  • Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are a leading cause of avoidable harm in health care practices around the world.
  • 15% of health-related spending is wasted dealing with all aspects of adverse events.
  • Hospital infections affect 14 out of every 100 patients admitted.


From the U.S. National Library of Medicine - Medline Plus

  • People who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, other than aspirin) such as ibuprofen may have a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke than people who do not take these medications.
  • Common warning: "...may cause ulcers, bleeding, or holes in the stomach or intestine.  These problems may develop at any time during treatment, may happen without warning symptoms, and may cause death."


I could go on, but you get the idea.  These are institutions and products we trust and use, but rarely think of the risks involved when we use them.


Now, let us take a look at essential oils.

There hasn't been a death related to the use of essential oils.

There is a safety protocol to be aware of when using essential oils, but Young Living has made it easy for you to follow:

  • Read the product label before you use it.
  • Some essential oils are considered "hot", which means they will generate a burning sensation.  When using these oils, always dilute them with a carrier oil.
  • As you learn about oils and their impact to you, start by adhering to the "low and slow" method.  Apply the oil to the bottom of your feet to test the effect, use a carrier oil, and only use 1-2 drops.
  • Pay attention to oils that are considered photosensitive.  Read the product label to help determine which oils are categorized as such.
  • In the event you get some oil in your eyes, don't use water! Essential oils will not harm your eye, but you may experience a burning sensation.  Put several drops of carrier oil on a tissue or cotton pad and touch it to the corner of your eye.  If additional flushing is required, flush with more carrier oil or rice milk.
  • Ingest only the Young Living Vitality line of essential oils.  These are GRAs.  Having said that, the Vitality oils and the regular colored labeled oils of the same oil are exactly the same.  For FDA compliance, Young Living has labeled Vitality oils for ingesting, and the other colored label products for topical or aromatic use.  Just remember that they are exactly the same.
  • Keep your oils in a safe spot.  You want to control how and when they are applied to you and your family and the effect they have on each person or pet.
What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is a Young Living program designed to encourage you and reward you for a commitment to wellness.

Earn reward points for purchases made through this program.

  • For months 1-3, you can earn points equaling 10% of your order.
  • For months 4-24, you can earn points equaling 20% of your order.
  • For month 25 and greater, you can earn points equaling 25% of your order.

These points can be redeemed to purchase Young Living products when you choose.  Reward points equal free products!

For more information:  See Essential Rewards Explained

What is a Quick Order?

A quick order can be placed at any time.  Anyone with a Young Living account who is able to access the Virtual Office has the ability to place a Quick Order.  It is not part of the Essential Rewards program for ordering, but it does allow you the opportunity to utilize the points you have earned through Essential Rewards orders.  You can purchase most of Young Living's products with ER points, not not all of them. 

These orders do not count toward your monthly points total.

What is Virtual Office?
How do I sign up for Young Living?

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