Meet CJ

I am passionate about all things related to good health and wellness.  I have spent many years researching aspects of a healthy lifestyle and the issues and challenges we face each day that prevent us from living our best lives.

I enjoy creating a pretty home, working in my gardens, creating floral designs, working on art projects and grabbing a good book to read in a comfy chair with a cup of tea.

I help people live healthier lives and become more aware of how their bodies work.

My Story

After years of research and study, I came to the conclusion that somewhere along the line, we bought the lie that we can throw anything we want at our health and it will not suffer.  Don’t believe it!  You cannot consume junk or “fake” food all day long, day in and day out, and slather all kinds of synthetic chemicals on your body.  Look around.  A lot of bodies are rebelling.  I know, mine was one of them.

Your body was not created to be a garbage dump.  We can create an environment in which we nourish our bodies with what we put in them, on them, and around them, that allows the body to do what it naturally does to heal itself.  It doesn’t have to be hard and certainly not boring.  I find it exciting to see how all my passions can fit together to support living this way.

We are all in a journey of discovery.  As we forage along this path together, I hope to not not only inspire you, but also to learn from your experiences.  Through this process, I will share with you the things that have helped me on my path to wellness and show you how those things can fit into your life in a fun, enjoyable, and creative way.

Are you ready?  Come on, buckle up and get ready for an incredible ride.

“I am concerned about toxic environments and products”

The number of chemicals we encounter in our daily lives is staggering, from the food we eat, to the cleaning and personal care products we expose ourselves to each day.

Toxins in Your Home

  • “It is generally understood that the number of chemical compounds currently recognized in the United States exceeds 3 million and approximately 3,000 new ones are being added each year.” [Source: Technologies and Management Strategies for Hazardous Waste Control, Published March 1983 by the United States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment.]
  • The EPA has reviewed only around 36,000 chemicals. [Source: Chemical Safety Facts: “Debunking the Myths: Chemicals and Testing for Safety”]      NOTE: The Chemical Safety Facts website is run by the American Chemistry Council, a trade association for companies that make chemicals.
  • 2,938 personal-care and home-used chemicals have been tested and they found that 884 are toxic, 146 can cause tumors, 218 can cause reproductive complications, 778 can cause acute toxicity, 314 can cause biological mutations, 376 can cause skin and eye irritations.      [Source: United States House of Representatives Report from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 1989]
  • There are 150 chemicals found primarily in our homes that are connected to birth defects, cancer, allergies, and psychological disorders. [Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission]
  • Stay at home moms and women who work from home are 54% more likely to die from cancer than women who don’t work from home. [Source: 15 year EPA study]
  • The American Cancer Society states based on the FDA regulations of cosmetics, “Cosmetics intended for retail sale must have a list of ingredients on the label. The list does not have to include flavor, fragrance, or trade secret ingredients.”
  • The toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution. [Source: EPA report from 1985]

Check the ingredients – what’s NOT in our products is just as important as what IS!

Live healthier with safe, natural alternatives

Support your health and that of your family by replacing your everyday household items with natural, safe products that go beyond green to create a healthy, healing home environment.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body!

Live healthier with natural, safe alternatives!  Choose products free of harmful chemicals, sulfates, toxins, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives and experience the difference firsthand.  Our products are developed to enhance your wellness by impacting all areas of your life.

Check out the healthier options below


Safe, Natural Products for your home

Discover the benefits of a healthy home and enjoy the delightful aromas of our premium product lines.


These natural deodorants are aluminum-free alternatives to commercial products. You’ll feel fresh all day without resorting to harmful ingredients.


Natural and plant-based, an invigorating daily cleansing blend suitable for all hair types.


A naturally derived, alcohol-free, oral care product without any potentially harmful ingredients. A refreshing formula you can feel good about the whole family using for incredibly clean teeth and gums.

Dish Soap

Naturally derived and plant-based, this dish soap cleans with the power of pure essential oils, leaving dishes sparkling clean with no residue.

Dishwasher Powder

Clean without the harsh chemicals and phosphates.  Combine the power of natural enzymes and essential oils for a superior cleaning system. 

Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste formulated with only the ingredients you need and none of the synthetic ingredients you don’t want. A natural way to clean your teeth without damaging tooth enamel.

Laundry Soap

A laundry soap that gently and naturally washes your clothes, cleaning them without leaving behind any harsh chemical or synthetic residue.

Hand Sanitizer

Get clean hands anytime, anywhere. This germ-fighting solution effectively eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. As a bonus, this aloe-infused formula leaves hands soft and smells divine.

Kids Toothpaste

Toothpaste created specifically for children, with a naturally derived formula free of fluoride, artificial flavors, and preservatives. 

Animal Shampoo

Furry family members can enjoy the benefits of this safe, deodorizing shampoo.  Formulated for a wide variety of animals, it is effective for all types of breeds and coats and promotes healthy-looking fur.

Bath & Shower Gel

This Bath & Shower Gel refreshes the skin and calms the mind. Essential oils  invoke feelings of serenity and relaxation to soothe and nourish the skin.

Household Cleaner

A versatile cleaner that will be the only tool you need for cleaning virtually all of your home’s surfaces. An ultra-concentrated formula cleans without the presence of harmful, abrasive chemicals.

Re-Direct your spending

Purchasing these products doesn’t mean that you add to your budget.  Begin the process of replacing your current personal and household products with non-toxic alternatives

Why Us?

It begins with our unwavering commitment to providing only the highest quality products.  From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

The quality of our product starts in the fields, but it’s proven in our labs.  Our products undergo stringent testing to ensure they always measure up to the highest standards.  Our commitment to conservation efforts means we proudly give back to the land and people who support our mission.  

– What Sets Us Apart –

Some of My Personal Favorites

I use Young Living products in all areas of my life.  These are some of the products that have made a difference for me and helped improve my wellness..

Thieves Household Cleaner

This one product has transformed how I clean my house.  I no longer need a variety of products to clean all my surfaces – this one product does it all.  I use it clean all my bathroom, kitchen, living room, family room amd bedroom surfaces – you name it, it cleans it. 

I now have sooo much more cabinet space due to using only this one solution.  The best part is how much I have diminished the toxic overload on my body by not using the harmful ingredients of most household cleaners.

See toxins information


CBD Oil - Cool Mint 500mg

Next in my routine is this little beauty. Tense muscles have nothing on this mixture. Relaxing is something that I really don’t do well with. Using this product along with the other items listed here, has been a game changer for me. Did you know that it has Stevia in it? Think about that. That is all I am going to say about how I use it. Dawn, the CALM CBD roll-on that you use sounds wonderful, and has been added to my ER order.

Relaxation Massage Oil

I use this beautiful oil, with its light, soothing-to-the-mind aroma on different body parts that have had a workout throughout my day. It is wonderful on my shoulders, feet and low back. This is my “pamper” massage oil.


This is the one that I use first in my nighttime routine. I take it around 30 minutes before bedtime. It  has a blend of wonderful ingredients, including non-habit forming melatonin. This helps my brain calm down and gets me into sleep mode. There is also a blend of wonderful, good-for-you mushrooms in there to help support my immune system and provide anti-aging support and antioxidants.


The stories that I could tell about the benefits of drinking NingXia Red every day are too extensive to place in this spot. Ningxia Red is a must-have supplement, all year round! Why is this nutrient-rich drink so popular? NingXia Red® energizes, fortifies, and replenishes the body and mind thanks to a variety of powerful ingredients. Let me just say that my family has reaped the benefits of consuming this every day.  We make sure to never be without it.

See benefits and more:

More about NingXia


Fall used to be a time that I anticipated stocking up on all of my favorite fall scented candles.  I don’t do that anymore.  First, for the health of those that I love and secondly, I don’t need to.  I have my essential oil diffusers.  In using our beautiful Young Living  essential oils along with our Desert Mist and Lantern diffusers, I not only get the glow of the flicker of candles, but I can customize the scents


This is the first oil I started using every day, several times a day.  When things are overwhelming, Cedarwood soothes the burdens.  In the diffuser, with Lime and Grapefruit, it is delightful.  Or, you can mix it with Lavender at night to calm the mind.  If you need a roller blend to help you focus, try Cedarwood with  Lavender, Vetiver and a carrier oil to get the job done.


This is one my absolute favorite oils.   I use this one every day to help keep me calm, cool and collected.  When things are overwhelming, Lavender soothes the burdens.  I love to diffuse Lavender or apply it to areas of my body..  You can mix it with Cedarwood at night to calm the mind.  

Animal Scents Ointment

I use this every single day, several times a day – on ME.  This is wonderful on my face, lips, hands and feet.  I have used it to make salves and balms for my family and friends.  You need this magic in a jar. 

Your Online Health Store

Healthy products delivered to your door!

Ordering online is quick, simple, and the product ships right to your door.  Enjoy superior products and easy-to-use ordering to promote a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.

We are more than just the world’s best essential oils. We offer so much more to help you create a healthy home environment.  From effective, yet safe, home cleaners to products geared for your kids, pets, and personal care.   

We offer solutions to help you live naturally!

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Live a healthy, purposeful life, rich in simple abundance.

Check out our Starter Kits

There are a variety of Starter kits to help you begin your wellness journey and qualify you for wholesale membership and pricing.  Each kit contains premium products that promote wellness with natural, chemical-free alternatives for you and your household.   Explore your choices and the products available.

Explore the Kits – Begin Your Journey Here

Premium Essential Oils Kit
  • Diffuser – 4 options for you to choose
  • 12 premium Essential Oils
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments (qty 2)
  • Hand Purifier – 1 oz
  • Surface cleaner – 1 oz
  • Antioxidant drink 2-oz. (qty 2)
  • “Essential Oils at a Glance” brochure
  • Product Guide
  • Essential Oil Display Tray
  • Essential Oils Magazine
  • Essential Edge News


Premium Healthy Living / Antioxidant Kit
  • Antioxidant Drink 2-pack (750ml bottles)
  • 30 Antioxidant drink packets (2 fl. oz. ea.)
  • Energy booster supplement
  • Essential oil blend (5ml)
  • Rollerball Fitment
  • Breath Mints
  • Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier
  • 2 Additional antioxidant drink samples
  • Essential Oil Magazine


Premium Personal & Home Care Kit
  • Essential Oil Blend 15-ml
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • 2 bottles Household Cleaner (14oz bottles)
  • 2 Foaming Hand Soap
  • 2 Surface Sprays
  • 2 Waterless Hand Purifier
  • Essential Oil Blend  (5-ml)
  • Rollerball Fitment
  • Breath Mints
  • 2 Antioxidant packets (2-oz. samples)
  • Essential Oil Magazine


Premium CBD Kit
  • Calm CBD Roll-On
  • Citrus CBD Oil
  • CBD Muscle Rub
  • Getting Started with CBD brochure


Basic Starter Kit
  • Essential Oil Blend (5 ml)
  • Rollerball Fitment
  • Hand Sanitizer (1 oz. sample)
  • Breath Mints
  • 2 Antioxidant Packets (2 oz. samples)
  • Essential Oils at a Glance flyer
  • Discover Your Healthy Lifestyle booklet


Hesitant to Move Forward?

I like the idea of this, but I don't want to sell

There is no requirement to sell.  Although some people make an income from sharing their Young Living referral link, selling is not required.  Most members simply purchase products for their own use or as gifts.

Sounds expensive - I don't know that I can afford it

At first glance, these products appear to be an added expense to your monthly budget, but you should approach this as replacment buying.  You already spend money on these products when you go to the store.  You need to begin the process of replacing your normal household products and expenses with these healthier options from Young Living.   With this journey, I will come along side and show you tips and hacks on how to "extend" the value on a variety of these products.

If purchasing one of the Premium Starter kits above is your primary hurdle, consider beginning with the Basic Starter kit to get your wholesale membership.  Getting started is the primary goal here - don't let the cost keep you from this journey.  The Basic Starter kit is only $35 and will provide you discounted savings on over 700 products that will help you achieve better overall wellness.

But I can get cheaper options from other sources.

You are familiar with the saying, "You get what you pay for"?  Remember that your body is not a garbage dump.  Know the quality of what you are buying before you use on your body, or put it in your body.  No one else has a Seed-to-Seal commitment like Young Living.  They ensure that products are organically grown and measure up to rigorous testing standards.   From the farm to your door, Young Living is in control of all processing and quality control.  You can rest assured that the products you buy from Young Living are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

See more about the Seed-to-Seal commitment to quality.

I need to think about it

The hardest part of any journey is the first step.  Your health should not be something to hedge on, or put off for another day.  If you are struggling with your health and overall wellness, just remember that it will not be corrected overnight.  Start today - take that first step.

I am service-oriented and will come along side as needed.  Please let me know the questions you have and I will do my best to answer them, or help you find the answers.  It is important to me that you are properly directed during each step of your journey.

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