Category: Diffuser Recipes

Freshly Mowed Lawn Diffuser Blend

Do you catch your guy looking longingly at the lawnmower section of the hardware store? Will he spend hours painstakingly pulling weeds and timing watering precisely to keep your grass the envy of the neighborhood? Help him bring his passion indoors with this essential oil blend.

Workshop Warrior Diffuser Blend

Does he love working with his hands? Could he spend the whole day tinkering with his tools? Help him enjoy all the benefits of being where he loves by diffusing essential oils that enhance the space.

Man Cave Master Diffuser Blend

The odor that used to emanate from his man cave might have had a hint of “no girls allowed,” but for all the wrong reasons. This blend of essential oils is uplifting enough that you’ll enjoy smelling it throughout the whole house and masculine enough that your guy will want it for himself!

Commute Conqueror Diffuser Blend

Rush-hour traffic can wreck anyone’s day. This manly diffuser blend will help keep his eyes on the road. When used with a USB Diffuser, this on-the-go blend can help make his commute a little time to unwind.



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